What in the world is World Class Comics?! 😱

Posted by Justin Swinea on

Wait?! There's a New Online Comic Store? With New Releases of Original Comics & Manga!?

World Class Comics is a new online comic store and online publishing company looking for fresh and original content to share to the world. If you have an idea, we'll help you give life to it. Approval is easy and best of all, we consider ALL content sent to us copyrighted. This means that if you send us your ideas, characters, story, or anything else, it belongs to you until we both agree that your content has something special to give to the world. That's about as honest as it gets! Any questions about what was just said, ask for some clarification through our contact us form.

As far as merch is concerned, we won't be just online forever! Soon we'll make appearances at comic cons near you! But in the meanwhile, worldccp is gonna be your go-to site for sales on new releases of our comics, hot wallpapers and apparel, and so much more. Currently, Sons of Roark in our online comic store is in the making and available for preorder on our website. Don't get left in the dust. Soon, other comics such as Aequitas's Quest, Zorgan's adventure, and many more will be made available! 

Don't be a stranger. Say Hey! and browse for new comics online and other things being added every week!

Note: Learn tips, tricks, and tactics on forming, starting, polishing, and ending your comic! Click a post below and start learning for free! Leave comments, questions, and concerns, and we'll respond in our next blog post accordingly. 


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