Why Do I Get Writers Block?

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Why Do I get Writer's Block? 

3 Reasons Why you get Writer's Block!

"Why do I get writer's block?" is a very commonly asked question to me. And everyone I say this to are astonished by my answer. Writer's block does not exist. Crazy but true. 

If you are experiencing writer's block, it is clear that you do not have one of these key components: 

1. Research. 

2. Motivation or Inspiration. 

3. Organization.

Let's start with the most common cause of writer's block. Research is detrimental to being able to write a compelling story. When you do not have enough research or information about a topic or a material, then you cannot produce something substantial. For example, if I were a basketball trainer who excelled at shooting jump shots and ran basketball camps for shooting mechanics, how could I teach someone about being an effective ball handler if I have or had no prior experience in ball handling? The answer is you cannot teach something you have no memory or information of. We are human beings, not magicians. Therefore, as a mere human, we are limited to only the things we have experienced via read, wrote, or watched.

Lack of motivation or inspiration is a very common symptom that a lot of authors go into long-term denial about causing them to repeat the same cycle of writing no new material. A lot of writers have what they call writer's block because of lack of inspiration and motivation for their life or story. Why? Its simple, because they are either in a situation where their mental capacity is occupied with a crisis in their life or they just do not believe in what they are trying to create/write.

How do I fix this problem? 

In order to fix your problem of lack of motivation and inspiration in your work, you will have to get control of whatever circumstances in your life that are complexing you. Finally, to believe in what you are writing will work goes back to doing your research. Knowing that you are writing about a story that other people continuously talk about, or are interested in, or even talking to friends and family about, your story-line will help you build confidence. It's like my father used to say, "practice builds confidence" and the more you use research and development, the more confident you will grow. 

Being unorganized is a very common mistake when trying to create/write a story and a big catalyst when driving frustration into the hearts of writers. Think of it like this: have you ever come home to a messy house or room when you were frustrated? I am sure we all have. And when you came to that messy house when you were frustrated, how did it effect your mental mood? I am sure it did not help or pushed you over the edge to anger. Use that same scenario but think of a time when you came home frustrated but everything was in order and organized. I bet that took a load off of your mind right. Why? Because chaos creates panic. And order creates peace, control, and stability for the mind. Because everyone knows when you can control something, you can produce the results you want. With that said, stay organized because if you do not organize your assets then everything will seem overwhelming and out of control. 

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  • Very knowledgeable writer with an abundance of helpful information in a quick and “straight to the point” manner; I admire that!

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