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Introducing "World Class Comics" online comic bookstore. If you're tired of non-integrated lead-role characters being undervalued in the comic book, manga, anime, and superhero industry, well look no farther. People like you everyday have been looking for cool integrated Comics and comic characters like the ones in "Aequitas's Quest Volume 1" to represent their culture authentically. 


1. YES! We're a start-up!

And we are launching our new Comic book Series called "Sons of Roark" that you can Pre-Order today for 50% off. 

2. We are looking to Publish Your Comic Book or Manga!

Here, at WCC-Publishing we are strong believers of Diversity, Equality, and Empowering each other. And our comics are going to be the perfect plug to deliver our message across the WORLD! (as my wife would say "Hence the expression World Class Comics") 

3. "We Promise not to stop THERE."

What do we mean by that? It's simple, our long-term goal is to turn all of our epic stories into to an animated series, just for you! And with your help, we can achieve this goal TOGETHER!