Aequitas bears the power of fire, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan 


A Fire that Creates Life. Aequitas's Story. 

Aequitas is your average, hot-tempered, knucklehead, stubborn, too cool for is own good, type of kid. But outside of his bluntly loud expressions, Aequitas is righteous, pure of heart, and a symbol of justice. We've all tried to say how we feel, but never quite knew how to say it. So when you think of Aequitas, think of that time in your life.

Hybrids are a celestial race born with extraordinary powers. The Hybrid Clan was once rulers of the entire galaxy. Roark (Aequitas's father) was once apart of the Hybrid Clan before he broke one of their sacred laws by marrying the Hybrid Princess. Now runaways who committed treason against the Hybrid Clan, Roark and his wife, Avantika, sought to find refuge on planet Zalea. 

Besides talking too much, Aequitas didn't get into much trouble. Maybe it's because he had that warrior spirit like his mom and was always out training, or because he loved being alone and listening to jams. Whatever the reason, Aequitas wasn't a difficult child. 

Everyday, Roark or Avantika took Aequitas and his brothers to train. Preparing them for the day they would have to fight the Hybrid Clan. Aequitas took this denotation to heart and sacrificed his childhood to become strong enough to protect his family. 

One day, Aequitas was alone and training in the forest and was suddenly attacked by an Earth Tribe Warrior. The Earth Tribe attacker was a boy, no older than his little brother Zorgan but small and defenseless. Aequitas refused to fight the kid and effortlessly displayed the gap in power between them. 

That's when the Earth Tribe boy lost his mind and broke down crying. After, a long time of tears, and a bunch of sob stories, Aequitas agreed to train the kid to become stronger so he could stop being the laughing stock of his Tribe. 

And a ritual of training alone for Aequitas, became a training session with a friend. Everyday they would meet secretly because the Earth Tribe forbid outside interaction. Until, one day, when their training was over and they split apart, Aequitas heard an outcry from his friend. 

Running as fast as he could to check on his friend, when Aequitas got there... he was dead. 

Holding his friend's body, Aequitas roared so loud that it is said, the entire planet could hear his outcry. 

Alert from the cry of their son's broken heart, Avantika and Roark stood waiting outside the camp for Aequitas as he carried his friend's body all the way home. 

After they buried Aequitas's friend, Aequitas goes back into the woods and searches for his friend's killer. Ambushed by the Earth Tribe and their warriors, Aequitas stands surrounded. The Earth Tribe leader is seeking revenge for the death of his son and somehow word got around that Aequitas is the culprit. The Earth Tribe Leader does his worse to Aequitas but soon realizes his best is his worst compared to Aequitas. 

Growing frustrated at the situation, and seeing Aequitas isn't fighting back and claims him and his son were friends. The Earth Tribe leader manipulates Aequitas's feelings and tells him to take his own life to prove his innocence. Shocked at the offer, but mourning for his friend.... Aequitas... Takes his own life. Splat!

The Earth Tribe leader is astonished and everyone walks away. While walking away from Aequitas's body, a blue flame shoots up into the sky from off of his body. Inside those blue flames stepping out is Aequitas, Hyper Evolved with the ability to regenerate his wounds. Aequitas realized during the conversation with the Earth Tribe warriors, the ones who instigated everything, was the killer. And with his new found blue flame power, blows them away. 

Aequitas spares the life of the killers and heads home. 

But when he gets there... 

He is attacked by his little brother Zorgan... 

To be continued...