Order Sons of Roark: Welcome to Earth Volume 1

Aequitas, Veredai, Zorgan, and Tokido are descendants of the Hybrid Clan.Their parents gave their lives trying to protect their sons from the Hybrid Clan. 

The escape pods they were sent in crash landed on Earth in 2 feuding societies. Aequitas and Veredai are in the Rundown and Zorgan and Tokido are in High Society. 

After landing on Earth, each pair of brothers believe the other pair of brothers are lost in outer space or deceased. 

Now on Earth, each pair of brothers must learn how to survive in the two feuding societies until they one day meet again. This seems rather imposing considering how each society hates anyone that comes from the other society. How or will the brothers reunite, and if they do… will their perspective communities turn on them or will the Hybrid Clan learn of their existence and come for them again?

Parental Advisory: 

Rate T for Teen: Sons of Roark is rated T for teens and recommended for ages 16 and up.