Tokido second oldest son.

Tokido commands the power of Soul-time, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan 

Tokido Anime Character Sons of Roark


A Balance of Life and Time. Tokido’s Story. 

Tokido is the second oldest son of Roark and by far the most intellectual. Tokido believes that in life everything needs balance and the only way to uphold that principle is by maintaining morals. Tokido is a very opinionated person but behind his cloak of opinions and beliefs, Tokido is genuine, wise, and profound. 

Hybrids are a celestial race born with extraordinary powers. The Hybrid Clan was once rulers of the entire galaxy. Roark (Veredai's father) was once apart of the Hybrid Clan before he broke one of their sacred laws by marrying the Hybrid Princess. Now runaways who committed treason against the Hybrid Clan, Roark and his wife, Avantika, sought to find refuge on planet Zalea. 

Growing up, Tokido was always fascinated with toys, then science, and finally, technology, Tokido spent most of his time trying to understand the very facets of these things in life. This prompted Tokido to spend a lot of time away from home as he was always out searching for new things, particularly, new technology.  

One day when Tokido was out searching for items to collect so it could be used for his dream invention. Tokido came across a Sky Tribe Girl who had the very thing he was looking for… Advanced Technology. 

Tokido and the Sky Tribe Girl became friends and he convinced her to take him to her Sky Tribe Island technology room, even though it wasn’t allowed. The Sky Tribe Girl agreed and she snuck Tokido into the Technology room where they started to work on Tokido’s greatest creation, “A Flying Robot.” 

Every night for 2 long years Tokido and his best friend the Sky Tribe girl would work on his creation the Flying Robot. And less and less Tokido’s parents and brothers would see less of him. 

The day of recognition when the Flying Robot was finally finished, the Sky Tribe Girl insisted that they introduce their new invention to the Sky Tribe King. The Sky Tribe Girl felt the King would accept him for coming up with such a brilliant creation. Knowing their differences and the rules of the Sky Tribe, Tokido said no. 

The next day when Tokido was out searching for a rare gemstone to give to his best friend the Sky Tribe Girl for everything she has done, he was approached by Sky Tribe warriors. The Sky Tribe warriors invited Tokido to meet the King.

When Tokido got in front of the King and his tribe they asked him if he was the creator of this Flying Robot. Tokido, modestly said yes and the King grinned. The King had his technology crew come out and they presented a far more developed and advanced model of Tokido’s Flying Robot. The King and his Tribe laughed, mocked, and had their Robot destroy Tokido’s Robot right in front of him. 

Embarrassed, humiliated, and saddened by how fast they created something he dreamed of creating and worked on for over 2 years. Tokido fell into a deep, dark, depressive state. 

The King ordered for his best friend to be brought out and executed for treason in front of her friend Tokido. Tokido, so lost in his own mind of depression didn’t even hear her cry for help until the last cry before she was executed. 

SLIT! Is the last thing Tokido heard and what pierced the mind of his depression. When Tokido finally came to and seen the death of his best friend the Sky Tribe Girl. He lost his mind. 

Tokido dropped down to his knees and cried and screamed as the Sky King and his Tribe laughed at Tokido. Reminiscing on how much of his Life and Time was sacrificed to create their dream, the good times with the Sky Tribe Girl, and how he’s to blame for having her bring him to the Sky Tribe all to create his dream robot… Made Tokido Hyper Evolve. 

A baby blue energy came around Tokido's body and sword called Soul Time and with his new found power, Tokido avenged his best friend by killing every last person in the Sky Tribe.

As the Flying Sky Tribe Island descended from the sky and crashed into the ground. Tokido started to head home. 

When Tokido got home to spend time with the family he hasn’t seen in two years...

It was not the welcome he expected. 

Sitting down by the ashes of his house was his younger fraternal twin brother Aequitas. 

To be Continued ...