Veredai Oldest Brother

Veredai wields the power of Soul Absorption, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan.                      Black Anime Character Sons of Roark


The Journey of a Peaceful Heart. Veredai's Story. 

Veredai is the oldest of his three brothers but far from the maturest. His lust for love and greedy desires, always puts him in a sticky situation. Besides, Veredai's obvious flaws, he can also be protective, caring, and a peacemaker. 

Hybrids are a celestial race born with extraordinary powers. The Hybrid Clan was once rulers of the entire galaxy. Roark (Veredai's father) was once apart of the Hybrid Clan before he broke one of their sacred laws by marrying the Hybrid Princess. Now runaways who committed treason against the Hybrid Clan, Roark and his wife, Avantika, sought to find refuge on planet Zalea. 

Veredai was the first born and nothing less of a spitting image of his father. Veredai imitated everything Roark did and grew up to be a laughing, greedy, glutton for women or as Roark would say "leaving no stone unturned."

Things were going good for Veredai on planet Zalea until his isolation from the planetary species came into contact with him. One day when Veredai was out hunting, he stumbled upon a damsel in distress and saved her from the grasp of her enemies. After saving the Sun Tribe princess from the clutch of her captives, Veredai brought the princess home. 

Roark and Avantika couldn't help the girl for they feared it would be more trouble for their family. Concerned for the Sun Tribe's Princess's well-being, Veredai decided to protect her on his own. That's when... Zorgan tells Veredai not to run away with her.

On his mission to protect the Sun Tribe Princess, Veredai was betrayed by the Sun Tribe Princess, and captured by her Tribe. Veredai tasted the drink of betrayal and learned his greatest strength was his greatest weakness. Blinded by sympathy and compassion no more, Veredai Hyper Evolved and unlocked a power he's never seen before and freed himself from the Sun Tribe villains. 

Right when Veredai gets home. 

He sees Zorgan attacking Aequitas and their home is burnt to the ground.

To be Continued.