Zorgan possesses the power of black ice, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan.  

Anime ice power character


Broken Love Creates Distrust. Zorgan’s Story. 

Zorgan is the youngest of Roark’s four sons. When it comes to playfulness, pranks, and just down right plain annoying people… No one is better at it than Zorgan. But behind Zorgan’s playful manner, is a kind, loving, and friendly little boy called Zorgan. 

Hybrids are a celestial race born with extraordinary powers. The Hybrid Clan was once rulers of the entire galaxy. Roark (Veredai's father) was once apart of the Hybrid Clan before he broke one of their sacred laws by marrying the Hybrid Princess. Now runaways who committed treason against the Hybrid Clan, Roark and his wife, Avantika, sought to find refuge on planet Zalea. 

Zorgan always woke up smiling and nothing he experienced could ever keep a smile off of his face. Roark and Avantika (Zorgan’s father and Mother) always got joy when they looked at their baby boy Zorgan, they would say. Everyone loved Zorgan except for Aequitas and Tokido and sometimes Mama, Zorgan would say. But Zorgan’s idols were his dad and his big brother Veredai. 

But as Zorgan got older, life seemed harder, especially the busier the family got. Everyone had a life except for little old Zorgan so he thought if he too got a life then everyone would see how it feels. So, Zorgan, went on an adventure of his own. 

Zorgan searched the woods and forest of planet Zalea high and low and seen some mysterious things. But the one thing in particular that Zorgan would always see were troops preparing for war in certain areas he came across. One of the areas that held over 1,000 troops was a land full of snow. Zorgan explored the arctic lands and stayed out of sight of the troops. When suddenly, baby Zorgan stumbled upon a lost baby Polar Bear.  

Zorgan’s eyes light up as he wasted no time rescuing the baby polar bear from the destructive troops. Proud of himself but still mad at his family, Zorgan decided to take the Baby Polar Bear anywhere else but home. So Zorgan made a nice bed and a fireplace in a dark cave near his house. 

And everyday Zorgan would faithfully bring his baby Polar Bear food he was supposed to eat. As time went on, Zorgan’s baby Polar Bear became sick and Zorgan didn’t know what to do. Angry with his parents and brothers for neglecting him, Zorgan refused to ask for help and tried everything he could think of to nurse the baby polar bear back to health. 

After everything Zorgan tried to do to help his baby Polar Bear failed, Zorgan assumed its because the baby Polar bear is sick like him from loneliness. Zorgan made himself a bed next to his baby Polar Bear and held him all night. 

The next morning the baby Polar Bear was fine and ran out of the cave and into the sunlight. 

CRUNCH! Is all Zorgan heard as he watched a Giant War machine crush his baby Polar Bear. Along with more War Machines and troops standing outside the cave. Zorgan couldn’t believe what he saw as his mind snapped. With Zorgan’s eyes wide open and face frozen in place, Zorgan’s sclera begin to turn black. The men and the troops shot Zorgan down along with the cave as rocks squashed him flat. 

The troops walk away heading for Zorgan’s parents house but in front of them forming out of ice was baby Zorgan. With his entire body covered solid in ice and eyes possessed black, Zorgan slaughtered the lot of the troops like a raging mad man. 

Heading for his house half Hybrid and half insane, Zorgan sees Aequitas standing over his house that was just up in flames. 

Zorgan’s possessed side takes control again and Zorgan launches at Aequitas before Aequitas could defend himself. Zorgan with his ice claw hands, rips a hole in Aequitas’s back. 

To be Continued...