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Comic Character Aequitas from the "Sons of Roark" Comic book. With HD quality and available on all downloadable phones, computer, iPads, and more, screensaver. Aequitas wields the power of Wildfire (red flames) and Purging Fire (blue flames).


Aequitas bears the power of fire, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan.  

Aequitas is your average, hot-tempered, knucklehead, stubborn, too cool for is own good, type of kid. But outside of his bluntly loud expressions, Aequitas is righteous, pure of heart, and a symbol of justice. We've all tried to say how we feel, but never quite knew how to say it. So when you think of Aequitas, think of that time in your life.

Wildfire Flame

Is a spiritual flame that can burn through any physical or spiritual things. 

Purging Flame

Is a Purity Flame that only burns the Flesh and Soul of Evildoers. 

What is Spiritual Soul Stamina? 

It is the immaterial part of all living creatures also known as energy or ki. Spiritual Soul Stamina allows this energy to be measured and manifested into a power of the creatures liking. The attitude of the creature dictates the form or type of power that will be wielded.

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