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Comic Character Tokido from the "Sons of Roark" Comic book. Looking to add a little flare to your room or office? With HD quality and available on all downloadable phones, computer, iPads, and more, screensaver.


Tokido commands the power of Soul-time, passed down the Hybrid Clan bloodline, used to protect Earth from the destruction of his evil Clan.  

Tokido is the second oldest son of Roark and by far the most intellectual. Tokido believes that in life everything needs balance and the only way to uphold that principle is by maintaining morals. Tokido is a very opinionated person but behind his cloak of opinions and beliefs, Tokido is genuine, wise, and profound.

Annoying Ice

Are Ice duplicates that explode on impact freezing their opponent in his/her tracks. 

What is Spiritual Soul Stamina? 

It is the immaterial part of all living creatures also known as energy or ki. Spiritual Soul Stamina allows this energy to be measured and manifested into a power of the creatures liking. The attitude of the creature dictates the form or type of power that will be wielded.

 Tokido Anime Superhero Wallpaper Sons of Roark